Katrina Kaif reveals her biggest hichki to Rani Mukerji: She was a ‘zero’ dancer

Katrina Kaif reveals her biggest hichki to Rani Mukerji: She was a ‘zero’ dancer

We Know that Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif is very good in dancing nwhich we saw some films like “Kamli” (Dhoom 3), “Kala chashma” (Baar Baar Dekho), “Mashaallah” (Ek Tha Tiger) and “Chikni Chameli” (Agneepath) and these have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

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For promoting of the Rani Mukerji’s upcoming film Hichki, they are asking prominent personalities to share their untold weaknesses. Not only that they want to know to them how they eventually converted them into massive strengths.
At first Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan opened up about the loss of his parents being his ‘greatest Hichki moment’,. Now Katrina kaif narrated her story of overcoming the biggest weakness of not being able to dance.

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Katrina, to everyone’s surprise, said she couldn’t dance. She also revealed, “For me, my biggest Hichki in the beginning of my career was dancing. While shooting for a Telugu film with superstar Venkatesh, Raju Sundaram was choreographing me. He looked quite irritated with my dancing but didn’t say anything. Later, while working on Wanted, I overheard him telling Salman Khan on set, that as a dancer, Katrina Kaif is Zero! I was shocked.”
She said
She said, “After my first Telugu film, I trained with Kathak Guru, Veeru Krishnan from 7am to 1pm almost every day. Choreographers Bosco-Ceaser gave me the confidence to perform to my best in the film Race. I think this is what a good teacher does – gives a person confidence that he/she can do it. That’s how I overcame my challenge of being a ‘zero’ dancer.