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Mia Khalifa Wiki, Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriends, Family, Biography & More

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Later, his family moved to the United States. His real name is Mia Kalista, later he changed the name. She graduated from the University of Texas in History. After graduation, he started working at a fast food restaurant. One of the buyers offered him the opportunity to go to the world of porn movies. However, his family could not be happy with Mia’s choice.

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After going to the porn industry, the family did not talk to her. Mia was born in a Muslim family, but later she took up Christianity. In this, the parents and the people of his country are angry with him. The people of Lebanon criticized it. After that, he was threatened with death from different countries in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Mia Khalifa, leaving the porn world, is now happily living with her husband. Currently, Mia Khalifa, living with her husband in Miami, Florida. They have two dogs with them. Only four years ago, Mia Khalifa was named in the number one interesting person list.
In early 2011, Mia Khalifa published a video, debating around the world was created. In this video, she was wearing a hijab later. After that, he became the number one porn star of porn hobbies. Gradually, Mian Khalifa became an Internet sensation. After receiving threats of death, he released the porn world. For just three months he worked in the industry.

Mia Khalifa Wiki

  • Name: Mia Callista/ Mia Khalifa
  • Date of Birth: February 10, 1993
  • birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Present Address: Currently Mia Khalifa lives with her husband in Miami, Florida. They have two dogs with them.
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Education: University of Texas at El Paso
  • Profession: Adult Actress
  • Nationality: American, Lebanese
  • Language: English
  • Money Factor: Net Worth (approx.) $5 million
  • Boys, Affairs and More
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Marital Status: Married
    Affairs/Boyfriends: Lil Yachty (Rumored)
    Marriage Date: Year, 2011

    Mia Khalifa Filmography

  • Big Tit Brunette Loves Hard Cock (2014)
  • Her First Porno She Made (2014)
  • Body Made For Sex (2014)
  • Double D Poolside Fuck (2014)
  • Temporary Dates 2 2014
  • Xtra 15 (2014)
  • Busty Pre-Game Warm-Up Show (2014)
  • Graduating Summa Cum Loud (2014)
  • Head Shot (2014)
  • Her First Porno She Made (2014)
  • Meet the Busty Girl Who Works At the Hamburger Joint (2014)
  • She’s Lovin’ It and Havin’ It Her Way (2014)
  • Mia Khalifa Is Cumming For Dinner (2014)
  • Put It Between My Tits (2014)
  • Mia Khalifa Means Business (2015)
  • Mia Khalifa Takes on Big QB Dick (2015)
  • Mia Khalifa’s First Monster Cock Threesome (2015)
  • Mia Khalifa (2015)
  • Pounding Mia Khalifa (2015)
  • Mia K Gives the Girlfriend Experience (2015)
  • Big Tit Cream Pie 31 (Video) 2015
  • Mia Khalifa and Her 34DDDs (2015)
  • Mia Khalifa Is Back and Ready for Black Dick (2015)
  • Stepmom Videos 9 (2016)
  • Mia Khalifa 1 (2016)
  • Mia Khalifa 2 (2016)
  • Mia Khalifa 3 (2016)
  • Tony Rubino’s Let’s Make A Sex Tape (2015)
  • For The Boys 9 (2017)
  • Bangbros Invasion 22
  • World Of BangBros: Big Tits Vol. 5

    Some Known Facts About Mia Khalifa

    1. She is also known as Mia Callista. Of course, the name of porn is very incompatible. The 22-year-old Lebanese born in America is only 7 years old.
    2. Mia was working in a fast food restaurant, graduating in history. After that, they applied for a job in the porn industry. Born into a Muslim family. After accepting Christianity. There is no communication with the family since the start of her career in this way.
    3. Mia said that at the beginning of 2015, a controversial video was revealed to everyone, and she became known. Through this video, she came to the top of the porn star, searching for pornography. He was widely criticized in Lebanon and other Muslim countries. He is threatened with life in the Middle East.
    4. For the benefit of that video, the search rate increased online by 5x. One-fifth of this search is done from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Mia was also criticized for drawing a tattoo with the first line of the Lebanese national anthem.
    5. After the video became viral, the song “Mia Khalifa” was released in support of the electro-du dougo time flies. Now she lives in Miami with her husband and two dogs.