Top 10 Hollywood Movies of 2018 | Best Hollywood Films For The Year 2018

List of the Best Hollywood Films For The Year 2018

Leave no Trace

The biggest movie industry in the world is Hollywood. There is no shortage of audience interest in the movie released during the year. Interesting curiosity made by fans to know about the movie of their favorite stars. The US Magazine “Variety” made a survey, which has the top ten releases released this year (2018) in Hollywood, reports this report.

  • Hollywood’s top of the ten films is ‘Roma’. This film is about the story of a Mexican family who survived the horrific riots in Mexico in 1970.
  • ‘Leave No Trace’ is in second place. There is some understanding of life in this film, which has brought it to second rank.
  • In the third place on the top movie list is ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me? An artist’s story is about the story of loneliness.
  • The creative work can give people complete entertainment that is the main theme of this film. Without the help of technology, a man is risked to life with the story of climbing something high ‘free solo’. This is the fourth successful movie of Hollywood’s commercial year 2018.
  • After this, the fifth position is ‘Shoplifters’. This is a comedic Family Drama. The festival is also praised at the Cans festival.
  • “The favorites” is the sixth top movie on the list. This movie was created in the eighteenth century by the rotation of a group of underprivileged people in England.
  • Hollywood Cruiser Tom Cruise, but could not be the best this year. His ‘Mission Impossible: Fail Out’ is in the seventh place on the list. In fact, all the pictures of the MI series are successful business.But this time the picture could not hold the previous position.
  • ‘A Star is Born’ is in the eighth position. Find it in romantic genre. This picture is about the story of a star’s life.
  • Born in a common house, the story of a man becoming very extraordinary is ‘Happy As Lajjaru’. It is in ninth position in the best ten judgments in Hollywood.
  • Mamma Mia! ! is in the top ten of the top ten movie list! Here we go before ‘. In 2008, Hollywood’s blockbuster was the sequel before the movie.
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