Top 10 Romantic Movies of Hollywood

Romantic pictures shake in Hollywood Box Office as well as action, thriller and horror movies. Many pictures have been popular with the message of love over the years in Hollywood. The movie’s most The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) listed the best 10 photos in their crowd.

George Cameron’s historical movie Titanic did not listed in the top list. The story of which lamented for love and love for millions of listeners. List of the Top Best Movies is given below:

It’s a Wonderful Life

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, which was released in 1946. In this film, an angel advises a fairy in many ways to find ways to overcome his depressed life. Ratings- 8.7 / 10


The story of the release of ‘Casablanca’, released in 1942, has been formed in the context of the beginning of World War II. Image by Michael Cartridge. In the film Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henryrid Ratings- 8.7 / 10

Roman holiday

Roman Holidays is designed with the romance of an American newsman who came to Rome with a princess, who escaped from the house by the parents. This film was directed by William Wheeler. George Peck and Adri Hepburn played in the film. Ratings – 8.1 / 10

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful, which was released in 1997, was acknowledged as one of the best pictures of the audience. The film is directed by Robert Bengi. Robert Benign and Nicollet Brasie starred in the film. Ratings -7.8 / 10

Gone with the Wind

The film ‘Gone with the Wind’, directed by Victor Fleming, released in 1939. In the film starring Clark Gabelle and Thomas Michelle Ratings – 8.2 / 10

The Holiday

The 1938 film ‘Holiday’, directed by George Cooker Catherine Hepburn, Kerry Grant and Doris Nolan have played in the film. Ratings -7.8 / 10

Pretty Woman

The story of ‘Pretty Women’, released in 1990, is based on a sex worker. Richard Garre, Julia Roberts and Jason Alexander played the role very well in the film. Ratings -7.8 / 10

Romeo and Juliet

The film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ released in 1968, based on the famous novel of William Shakespeare. The photo is managed by Franco Jeffrelli. In the role of Romeo and Juliet in the film, Leonard Whitening and Olivia Hussey respectively. Ratings -7.7 / 10

Love Affair

The film ‘Love Affair’ released in 1939 The story of the love story of an American girl with French Playboy progressed. Ratings – 7.2 / 10

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping’ was released in 1995. Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and Peter Poyle played the role in the film. Ratings – 6.5 / 10