Top Upcoming Hollywood Movies of 2019

Name of the Movies that will hit in Hollywood Film Industry in 2019

Last year was Marvel and DC Comics’ struggle to capture the Hollywood ground. The box office statistics say that the recently lost Stan Lee Marvel has won a huge margin in that fight. In the end of the year, however, ACU turned down DC’s courtesy. It will be understood this year, adolescence will rule in Hollywood! Because these two production companies are releasing more than one picture in the year 2019. It seems like the two organizations seem to have said that no one would agree to leave one inch of land without ‘war’.

But Hollywood does not just mean DC-Marvel. In addition to the super heroes, some of the world’s stories of this blood group will also be filmed on Rupali screen. This year, several popular franchises are waiting for the audience to come out with a new episode. It will be seen by strong actors-actresses like Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro. On the other hand, animation pictures will be released as soon as the parallel.

Let’s see, in 2011, there are some Hollywood movies coming to shake the cinema hall in front of the audience:

1. Glass

is about to release the film in mid-January. The story of the new film with the cover of ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ of the year 2016 Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are playing the lead role. The critics have hoped that seeing these two popular actors will give the viewer a better experience of seeing the screen sharing. The trailer was released in the meantime. Now wait for the release on the big screen.

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2. Destroyer

Nicole Kidman will come to this picture in the final week of January. Kidman is now being revealed in the role of detective police. So watch the turn, whether he can capture another Oscar nomination with this picture.

3. Vice

President is the only month of the month! Christian Bale is coming along with Nicole Kidman as well as on screen. Christian Bell will be seen in the role of Vice Vice-President Dick Cheney in ‘Vice’. Photo director Adam McCoy

4.The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Second installment of The Lego Movie 2 will be released in the first week of February for The Lego Movie . New sequel coming to screen after five years of the first episode The humorous image will give viewers entertainment, so believe people concerned.

5. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel will start from Marvel this year’s campaign. Will start with ‘Captain Marvel’. Bri Larson and Jude Law are in character. Women Superheroes may also shake the movie, ‘Wonder Woman’ proves that DC Comics has already proved it. Marvel’s turn. Ana Boden is the director of the film.

6. Avengers: Endgame

Again and again Marvel. This sequel will come in April. Anthony Rousseau and Joe Rousseau will be in charge. Who will kill Thanos? The answer to this question of lakhs of money will be found in the picture. Ironically, there are many filmmakers waiting for the charisma. Thanosake the responsibility to stop that on his shoulder As the last year’s Avengers: Infinity War, this picture will be one of the best attractions this year.

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7. Aladdin

Aladdin will come to the screen by the end of May Disney. Although there is nothing new in Aladdin’s story. But it is not possible to leave the picture because of the Disney picture. Guy Ritchie is again in charge. This person has the power to make the ordinary story extravagant. So, you can brace your hopes.

8. Toy Story Four

This Movie of Pixar will be released in June. None of the previous episodes did not face the box office. That’s a good track record of ‘Toy Story’ franchisee. The movie trailer has already stirred up. Jash Coolie will be directing the film.

9. Lion King

Due to July 19, the pictures of Disney are about to be released. In addition to DC and Marvel, Disney is also in the running for Hollywood. But yes, it is but remake. So, you can not go through the previous animation and you can not go to the theaters.

10. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

The new image of Quentin Tarantino may be released in mid-July. The film will take you back in the 1960’s. The story of the murder of a family is arranged on screenplay. Leonardo de Caprio and Brad Pitt – both of whom will be seen. It is a famous director, on the other hand, two powerful actors. It is expected that this picture will be released in the month of July 2015.

11. X-Man

When all the superheroes are coming out, why the X-Man will be left? The franchisee will come in front of the audience with two or two movies. One of the two pictures is called ‘Dark Phoenix’, its release in the first week of June. Another picture called ‘The New Mutants’ will be released in August. Last year the film was about to be released. But because some scenes are needed again in the filming, the release date is released.

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12. Spider Man: Far from Home

Tom Holland has already been hit as the new Spider-Man. The Spider-Man, who is under the age of grabbed the eye of the audience. His death in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was aroused by many fans. However, the new photo trailer has removed it. It is going to be seen, spider-man is coming back to the stage. This photo will be released in July.

13. It: Chapter Two

This new installment of ‘brick’ photo will come in September. The previous installment of this picture made in the story of Stephen King scared many viewers. This is the turn of the new threat. In the story of the story can be seen 20 years later.

14. Joker

Todd Phillips to be released in October ‘Joker’ The story of this picture is based on the comic character. Joakin Phoenix, Robert De Niro will be the character’s character. In the story of the film, Joakin Phoenix fail to be a comedian. Then the killer went to the forest. This movie of thriller is going to increase the craze of Adrenaline, because filmmakers think.

This is not the end. There are more pictures on the list. The upcoming episode of Star Wars will be released in December. ‘John Week: Chapters Three’ is about to be released in May. ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ may come on screen in the same month. That is to say, the year 2016 is going to be the Zamzamati. Now just waiting for visualization.