Complaint Against Indian Singer Papon for Kissing Minor on Reality Show: Papon Apologized

Complaint Against Indian Singer Papon for Kissing Minor on Reality Show

A Supreme Court advocate has filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) against Bollywood singer Angarag Papon Mahanta for kissing one of the contestants from a television reality show.

In the live video on Papon’s Facebook page, the 41-year-old singer was seen celebrating Holi with few of the contestants from the reality show ‘The Voice of India Kids Season 2.

Papon Apologized

One of the most popular musicians of India, Papon Mohant has apologized in a long post on his Facebook page on Friday night, Papon writes, “I am aware of the discussion that has been taking place against me for a few days. I am embarrassed for such discussions. Sorry. Those who know me, they know, I like to enjoy the near ones. It is not a bad thing in my eyes to admit to a 11-year-old child who is being trained for a long time. ‘

Complaint against Papon Mohanta, he kissed a child at Facebook Lives with children and cartoonists of the TV reality show “Voice of India Kids” on the occasion of Holi. The court has filed a complaint against the child under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (Paco). Besides, the Supreme Court lawyer Runa Bhayan has demanded an inquiry into the incident. Papon made this live on his Facebook page last Tuesday.

Papon also writes, “I’m not saying I did not make any mistakes. I did the job very naturally. But no matter how innocent my thoughts are, it is not logical to touch a girl in the present age. I’m sorry for that. Please forgive me for this stupidity and stupidity. And call me those bad names. ‘

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the crime said, “If my client had any bad intention, he would not have shared the video on his official Facebook page.