Mannat-The Most Desired House of Shah Rukh Khan

Do you know what Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan he also known as SRK has bought with the highest amount of money in life? Shah Rukh recently replied in a TV interview for the above question. That is, ‘Mannat’ . Firstly, the name of this banglo building was named ‘Jannat’, but the name of the banglo ‘Mannat’ was chamged to “Mannat” due to the fulfillment of his success.

Shahrukh said, “We are people who are residents of New Delhi, used to be in the house, bungalows, and used to meditate. But those who live in Mumbai, they mostly live in the apartment. But people in Delhi do not like the flat, they would like to buy a house even when they are small. And when I left Delhi and went to Mumba, then I was married. I used to live in a small flat with Gauri. My mother-in-law (Gauri’s mother Sabita Chhibber) always used to say-you live in small places.

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And after that when I saw ‘Mannat’, I remembered the stories of those bungalows in Delhi. Finally I bought it. That was the most valuable thing in my life. Shahrukh-Gauri’s ‘Mannat’ has now become a sighted spot for many Shahrukhbhaskars. Prasad proof is not like this bungalow, there are rarely people. It is known that Shah Rukh had bought Gauri or ‘Mannat’ to keep the word. King Khan once said, ‘If any bad day comes to me, I will not sell it any day.’

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It is known that when Shahrukh bought this Mannat, the house was named Vila Vienna. At that time the price of the house was 13 crore rupees. And now the house is worth 200 crores. It is known that, after buying the banglo, it has been adapted by Shahrukh-Gauri himself.