Shah Rukh Khan received Honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Law in London

Shah Rukh Khan, a popular Bollywood actor from London, has been given doctoral degrees to play a significant role in the human race. The degree was given to him at the University’s graduation ceremony at the Barbican Center in London on Thursday. About 300 students of the university were present at the ceremony.

Shahrukh Khan, grateful for giving his doctorate degrees, said that the donation should be done in silence but silently. It is not okay to propagate your donation. I like those things for which I worked myself. He said, my reputation helped me a great deal. I have worked with women empowerment, rehabilitation of the destitute, protecting the basic rights of all, which I have received, to bring back the world to my duty.

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In context, Shah Rukh Khan has a charity named ‘Mir Foundation’. Its activities began in 2017. The company is working with victims of acid attack and burning women for any reason. There are many suggestions for all those women who are injured in medical, legal aid, technical education, rehabilitation and encouragement.

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The aim of this organization is to stand by people affected by acid and make them self-reliant and bring them back to the main stream of life. It is learned that Shahrukh Khan believes that every acid-infected girl in the housing conducted by Mir Foundation is considered as her own sister. Treat them like a big brother. Earlier, Shahrukh Khan was given two doctorate degree from The University of Edinburgh and The University of Bedfordshire.