Sunny Leone in Tera Intezaar with Arbaaz Khan

Sunny Leone in Tera Intezaar with Arbaaz Khan

Bollywood actor and producer Arbaaz Khan is returning to the bollywood film. But now this Bollywood star will be seen in the new role. He will be seen to romance with hot bollywood actress Sunny Leone in the film ‘tera intezaar’. Initially many questions raised about this pair. Many people think that the Arbaaz-sunny pair is absolutely incompatible. But by seeing the trailer of the movie ‘tera intezaar’, many people think that this pair will bring a fresh air.

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Arbaaz and Sunny were seen in many intimate scenes in the film ‘tera intezaar’. On the screen they were seen in a close kiss. In this film Arbaj-Sani’s chemistry is not as bad as it is said. Their chemistry with this shocking awakening is Bollywood sarajaram However, Salman Khan, brother of Arbaaz, has not seen any intimate or close kisses in the film till date.

During the campaign, journalist Arbaaz said, “Salman did not have an intimate scene, I had to do. The script is very responsible for this. The type of character that Salman played, did not need to kiss his heroine in close proximity. Perhaps there was no need to do any intimate scene with his heroine in the film or did not. But my subject is different. I needed to have such a close view in this film. I did it I have no objection to this. And I will never say back, this is what I did! ‘

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How did you prepare for this scene with Sunny? Arbaaz said, “Before shooting, Sunny and I have seen on various occasions. As a result, before shooting, I recognized him well and found out. Apart from this, we have been chatting with each other in the gap in shooting. We had a great deal of understanding about each other’s perspectives and comedians. There is no warm relationship with co-workers all the time. But Sunny has a very nice friendly relationship with me. ‘

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The film ‘tera intezaar’, which is being directed by Rajiv Waliya’s musical thriller, is being released on Friday.

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